JEAN-PHILIPPE RIEU, Pour toi, musicus, componist, arrangist, dirigent, producent, filmmaker, regisseur, schrijver en organisator.

Jean-Philippe Rieu

Jean-Philippe Rieu studied piano, composition and orchestral conducting. At age of 17, he conducted the Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège, playing his original compositions. He composed contemporary, religious, romantic and experimental music. He was conductor at the Conservatory of Maastricht (Netherlands), after which he worked for 6 years with his brother André Rieu on 6 CDs and on the production and direction of 12 DVDs and television specials.

The need to perform his own music creations again grew ever stronger and resulted in his CD ‘Pour Toi’ 2005. On his first solo CD Jean-Philippe plays piano music, composed and produced by himself. The CD ‘Ronde’, 2006, features Jean-Philippe also as a songwriter and singer. Jean-Philippe's compositions on the CD 'AZUR', 2007, were inspired by the "colours of love". Sounds with a full orchestral arrangement are combined with the sounds of the piano. As a natural follow-up to Jean-Philippe's CD and concerts based on the spirit of AZUR, MIRACLE was released at the end of 2008.

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